Located on the Ballintempo Rd, Corraderrybrock, Belcoo, Co. Fermanagh

Floor Area: 2229sqft or (207m²)

Currently Under Construction

After a recommendation the client came to us to see if it was possible to improve upon the design that they originally had got approved on their site. I know the client and her family and the actual site so I immediately knew its potential. All that was needed was for me to convince them to deviate from the norm. The original design was a standard storey and a half dwelling but with the slope of the site the dwelling had to be sunk into the garden which required a retaining wall on all three side and no views. They could not believe what I came up with or that it could work on the site but now they have fully utilised the views that most can only dream of. As the site had a slope I created a driveway to one side to gain access to the upper level so it then became the main ground floor area with the benefit of availing of the amazing views.

The house is feature packed, is very highly insulated, has a heat recovery system and will be heated by an air source heat pump.

The Delivered Project