Building Regulations


It is common for clients to mix up Planning and Building Control regulations and believe that once they have achieved Planning approval that this is all they require.

Most projects require both Planning Approval and Building Control Approval however we can advise you on what will be required for your project in our initial feasibility stage. The Building Control Regulations are the minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building.

These Regulations ensure that new buildings, conversions, renovations and extensions (domestic or commercial) are going to be safe, healthy for people in or about those buildings.

Detailed regulations cover specific topics including:

– structural integrity

– fire protection

– accessibility for those with disabilities to access and move around inside buildings.

– energy performance

– acoustic performance

– protection against falls

– electrical and gas safety.

They also include standards for drains, ventilation, protection against the ingress of water and protection against contamination including methane and radon gas.

Inspire Architectural Design has an extensive knowledge of the Building Control Regulations and the process and we work closely with your local council.

It is our policy to have an informal pre-application discussion with Building Control at sketch scheme stage to identify any potential issues early on in the design process to come up with design solutions that achieve a fully compliant building while not compromising on design.

The law requires that all applications for planning permission should be decided in accordance with the policies of the “development plan" unless material planning considerations indicate otherwise. The decision on any planning application is therefore “policy-led" rather than “influence-led".

The public and nearby residents will be consulted about almost every planning application, the decision will not be made on the grounds of popularity or unpopularity.

Published planning policy prevents the decision on a planning application being made on grounds which are arbitrary, perverse, or subject to impropriety.

If you do need planning permission, you will quickly realise that planning applications can be both tedious, very complex and costly ! Typically, clients wish to secure planning permission as soon as possible and a at Inspire Architectural Design we have extensive knowledge in applying and achieving planning approval for a wide range of different types of planning applications.

We will advise, guide & help you decide whether to make an outline or full applcation and we look after the entire process for you from start to finish.

In more complex applications you may need to employ a professional planning consultant and we will advise you if they are required and work closely with the appointed consultant in order to achieve full planning approval.

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