Wilson One Off Farm Dwelling

Located on the Cachinish Rd, Formil, Derrylin, Co. Fermanagh

Floor Area: 3483sqft or (324m²)

Currently Under Construction

This bespoke farm dwelling is located on a fantastic site with views out over Lough Erne and was approved under PPS21 CTY10 – New Dwellings on Farms. The clients wanted a one off dwelling that would make the most out of their sloped site and the amazing views it has while upgrading from their current farm dwelling. The dwelling has been designed to look like a modest two storey modern look farm dwelling from the Cackinish Rd. However, the dwelling is actually formed from two main pitched roof sections with an interlinking flat roof centre section and private balcony area. The front pitched section is two storey while the rear section is only single storey. This centre section contains a circular stairs that both sections pivot from at exactly 27 degrees apart. The dwelling has been constructed to a very high standard, highly insulated, completely air tight, has a heat recovery system and its heating source will be an air to water heat pump.

The Delivered Project