Killmartin One Off Dwelling

Located on the Temple Rd, Garvagh, Co. Derry.

Floor Area: 5808sqft or (539m²)

Completed 2009

This is a very impressive dwelling including integrated double garage all with fantastic valley views out over the Garvagh Countryside. The clients were fantastic to work with and their brief was to design a “traditional looking dwelling and not something that looked like a clinical modern barn”.

This split level dwelling has everything, split level open plan living, fully glazed first floor viewing room, curved glass balconys, curved oak clad feature stairs and reclaimed parquet flooring throughout, feature oak truss and a library/study. The dwelling is highly insulated and fitted with bespoke sliding sash timber windows / composite doors.

The dwelling is heated by a ground source heat pump and it also has its own domestic style wind turbine which generates more power than the dwelling consumes.

The Delivered Project