Located on Makemanny Rd, Ballinmallard, Co. Fermanagh

Completed: Currently Under Construction (Phase 2)

This site contained the old Duke of Westminster High School which had become derelict and of major concern to the local residences. Our client purchased the site with full planning approval already granted for 28No. Dwellings. Our brief was to upgrade the layout, design new more efficient house types and to increase the house numbers if possible. The original design had no real connection with the surrounding area and the houses backed onto the Makemanny Rd. This would have meant a 2m high slatted fencing or wall would have run adjacent to the existing footpath which both pedestrians and house owners across the street would have seen on a daily basis. This was a very difficult planning application as Road Service where completely apposite to any additional new access/driveways entering/exiting the Makemanny Rd from individual houses due to road safety concerns. We worked very closely with Planning Service / Road service to create a new street scape which meant that the development had a direct relationship with the Makemany Rd that was safe for all users which has now totally transformed the area something which the local residence and purchasers and Planning Service have all been delighted by. As an added bonus we created a substantial central green area, larger gardens all while adding 6No. additional houses to the overall scheme and each phase is sold out before they are completed.which make for a very happy client!

The Delivered Project