Design Fees


We will provide you with a detailed fee quote tailored to your budget and needs in either of the following ways depending on your project design brief:

  1. A percentage of the build cost
  2. Flat lump sum fee
  3. Hourly rate

On top of the main design fee costs you will be charged for typical expenses such as paper, travel, or items such as maps, etc or anything required in order to fully complete your project. Costs for all these items will be highlighted in our fee quote or the client will be informed before they are ordered.


Our design fees are paid in stage payments. Depending on your project we typically have a payment at survey stage, sketch proposal stage, Planning submission, Building Control submission. We never progress drawings to the next stage until you are 100% happy with the previous stage.

Additional services such as ( tender, site inspections, sign off etc), are also available if required.

Even if we quote you for all stages you can appoint us on a stage by stage if required so we can be involved in as much as your budget and needs allow.


Typically you are likely to incur additional statutory costs that you will have to pay no matter who designs your project. These will be costs such as Planning / Building Control application fees, Other possible consultants required for your project such as land surveyors /structural Engineer etc and we will indicate approximate costs of these to you also at quotation stage so there should be no unforeseen financial surprises.

Contact us to discuss your project:


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“Why choose Inspire Architectural Design"

Not all Chartered Architectural Technologist / Chartered Architects are equal in price and quality. Time and time again we have had clients arrive at our door to redesign projects after they have previously appointed the cheapest price and have not researched properly to check the suitability and the quality of that practice/persons work. This approach has ended up costing them dearly not only financially but in time lost and the stressful disappointment of a badly designed project !

We pride ourselves in designing efficient, beautiful architecture and know that efficient design will save you much more than our fee. We will earn our fee by spending the time that’s required to deliver a bespoke project and by giving you a quality service to help guide you through the build process.

At Inspire Architectural Design we know that we provide a premium service at the best price possible and if you check out our testimonials section you’ll see why.