Mar 27, 2021

Forster Extension Modern Style Extension When we built our home in 2005, we were lucky enough to have bought one of the most beautiful sites in fermanagh. We have amazing views over the Erne Valley. Unfortunately at that time we were limited by both planning restrictions and choice of architects. We built as beautiful a home as we were allowed but we realised that the full potential of our beautiful site and environment had not been realised. We were so lucky to choose Damian and Inspire Architectural Design to make the changes we felt would make our home amazing. We couldn’t knock down our home (although I was tempted) so we had to marry the old with the new, and the results have been beyond our expectations. We have now made the most amazing changes that have given us a new way of living. Our family and friends all agree it was the best money we ever spent in making the changes we did. Our family life and living has been transformed thanks to Damian and his vision. He saw the project from start to finish, and worked hand in hand with our building contractor to oversee all the building works. He has been amazing to work with, and if I ever dream of building another home we would have no hesitation in choosing Inspire Architectural Design.

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